High-performance RF front-end module for 5G mobile terminals

Product No: WEA2630F45

  • Applications:5G,Satellite
  • Maturity:silicon proven
  • Foundry:GF
  • Geometry (nm):45nm
  • Process Node:45RFSOI

The WEA2630F45 is a high-performance RF front-end module designed for 5G mobile terminals. The front-end combines a low noise high linearity LNA, a low insertion-loss, highisolation TR switch, a high-efficiency PA, a Power Detector and a Temperature Sensor with ADCs and a SPI. The WEA2630F45 is powered from a single 3.6V supply and the biasing is generated with an on-chip bandgap reference voltage. The receive path (LNA+SW) is designed to provide 18dB of gain and a noise figure less than 4dB. The transmit path (PA+SW) provides saturated output power of 18dBm. The WEA2630F45 is fabricated on GlobalFoundries 45RFSOI process occupying a total silicon area of 1.5mm2.

Key Features
  • Integrated LNA, PA, SW, PD, TS, ADC, SPI
  • Frequency range 26GHz-30GHz
  • Tx PAE = 23% at 18 dBm Output Power
  • 18dBm Tx Output 1dbCP
  • Rx Noise Figure < 4dB, including Switch
  • 18dB Rx Gain
  • 0dBm Rx Input Referred IP3
  • 3.6V Supply Voltage