8-14GHz 24-bits Fractional-N low noise microwave synthesizer

Product No: WEA14HPS45

  • Applications:5G,Satellite
  • Maturity:silicon proven
  • Foundry:GF
  • Geometry (nm):45nm
  • Process Node:45RFSOI

The WEA14HPS45 is a complete high performance, low noise, 24 bits Fractional-N microwave synthesizer able to synthesize frequencies from 8 GHz to 14 GHz with the integrated VCOs. It consists of a low noise phase detector with lock detect indication, a programmable charge pump, a programmable bandwidth loop filter, a multi modulus Prescaler, and a 100+ band VCOs with autocalibration circuitry. Implemented in the GlobalFoundries 45RFSOI process, the WEA14HPS45 occupies a silicon area of 1.87mm2. It exhibits high performance, high integration and flexibility targeting 5G, Backhaul, SatCom and WLAN applications.

Key Features
  • Low Phase Noise, Low Spur PLL
  • Differential reference input: 50 MHz – 200 MHz
  • RF Output frequency range: 8 GHz to 14 GHz
  • Typical spurious : 70 dBc
  • Banerjee Figure of Merit: -218 dB
  • Lock time: < 2 us
  • Low Noise Phase Detector with lock detect indication
  • Programmable order MASH, 24 Bit MASH
  • Programmable bandwidth Loop Filter
  • Multi modulus Prescaler
  • Bank of LC-VCOs with more than 100 Bands/VCO
  • Automatic Band Selection System
  • RF, Analog and Digital power supplies: 1.8 V
  • Area:2200 um x 850 um
  • GF 45RFSOI Option 16 & Option 18