76-81GHz path receiver with external LO

Product No: WEA7681R22

  • Applications:Satellite,Radar
  • Maturity:silicon proven
  • Foundry:GF
  • Geometry (nm):22nm
  • Process Node:22FDX

The WEA7681R22 is a path receiver with external LO for radar applications covering the 76 GHz to 81 GHz automotive band. It integrates a Low Noise Amplifier with Gain Control, an IQ mixer and Broadband Baseband Amplifiers. The input signal can be fed from an external 10GHz source. It is implemented in 22FDX FD-SOI process. The WEA7681T22 occupies a silicon area of 2200 um x 420 um2

Key Features
  • 76 GHz to 81 GHz Coverage
  • Differential baseband output
  • Single ended receiver RF input
  • 2 Voltage supplies 0.9 & 1.5V
  • RX noise figure: 11 dB (@80 GHz)
  • RX Gain : 50/60dB (@80 GHz)
  • Programmable IF Bandwidth:
  • Bandpass: 10MHz to 50MHz (@-3 dB)
  • Highpass: 0.2MHz to 2.5MHz
  • Consumption : 350mW