10-15GHz broadband wireless microwave transceiver front-end

Product No: WEA1015T13

  • Applications:Satellite
  • Maturity:silicon proven
  • Foundry:GF
  • Geometry (nm):130nm
  • Process Node:SiGe GFUS8XP

The WEA1015T13 is a complete broadband wireless microwave transceiver front-end operating in the frequency band spanning from 10 GHz to 15 GHz. Implemented in a GF Silicon Germanium 8XP process it integrates an upconverter mixer, a two stage PA driver with Gain Control, an IQ LO driver an envelope detector and a bandgap reference.

Key Features
  • Signal Envelope Detector
  • Linear-in-dB Continuous Gain Control
  • Broadband Baseband Bandwidth
  • Transmit Power Control Function
  • Programmable Bias
  • Supply Voltage 2.5 V & 3.3 V
  • Consumption (@3.3 V) 150 mA
  • Consumption (@2.5 V) 110 mA